Toys and activities that promote learning in preschool

Toys and activities that promote learning in preschool

Toys are not just for playing, inaddition to that they can promote the overall development of a child through many learning activities using them. Their skills including language, social and emotional development can be made better with the help of toys. There are many choices for them to choose the best toy and their interaction with those toys determines the upgradation of their prevailing skills. Safety, durability and playability should be kept in mind while choosing a toy for a preschooler. Always remember to choose a toy that will engage them and give them a chance to learn something new. It should also give them an opportunity for an open-ended play that helps them to use their skills in thinking and understanding things. The classic toys of the 60s and 70s are produced even now and are proved to increase the overall development and skills of preschoolers. We, Little Feets nursery one of the top nursery schools in Dubai are making the best use of these toys by providing this to our little preschoolers.

Hula-hoops, one of our major toys are best for the development of motor, social and emotional skills. It helps them to engage in physical activities that promote their physical health, it also makes them to learn about cooperation by playing the game with their friends which can surely develop their behavioural skills too. They can practice jumping in and out of the hoop and can also use two hoops and play by jumping into one after another. They can also roll the hoop and chase after it, which can again increase their stamina. They can use their imagination to create and play new games. Unlike adults, their skills to think is much more and they are sure to make use of this and do many activities using the hoop.

Puzzles can help them to improve their social, motor, cognitive and emotional skills. Their spatial reasoning skills can also be increased using puzzles and preschool age is best for such developments. They will also be aware of shapes, colours and patterns by playing puzzles for a period of time. Sensory play can be increased by creating own sensory bin. Sensory bins provide the child with increased motor, social and emotional development. It is very easy to make one and can be made with a small box. They can be filled with sand or dry foods as well as water. Hide small toys in the bin and let the children dig and find it. This can make them feel curious and make their imagination work. Let them talk about their experience in this game and make them tell a few words about the toy they got.  This helps in the development of their social and communication skill as well. Being messy is a part of this game, let them enjoy all the fun in it.

Bubbles are another game which is very funny and enjoyable. The bubbles make children active by running, jumping and chasing. Preschoolers can also get attracted by the colour of bubbles and may even count the number of bubbles, this can even improve their mathematical ability. Bubbles can be easily made, if not possible premade bubbles are also available. Congnitive, social mental abilities and skills can surely develop through this game. Most of the nursery schools in Dubai are not aware of these games, but the best nurseries in Dubai like Little Feets preschool in Dubai are well known for promoting these games for the overall development of children. 

Children are made to play open-ended games using craft items such as sketch pens, crayons, paper, stickers, gum, thread and tissue paper etc that will make them creative by expressing themselves through art. Let them be creative and allow them to use the items and create something of their choice.  They can be messy but know that it is part of the learning process There is no right or wrong way to play with craft supplies, as long as the activity is safe, so give your children multiple items to manipulate and construct with, and remember, do not be afraid for them to get a little messy, as it is a big part of the learning process.

Pretend clothing is a good way to build cognitive, social and emotional abilities. Wearing costume and playing pretend, is a huge part in the process of development, which enables the children to step out of the real world into a world of creativity. Preschoolers get ready together for the play and this can help them to develop their social interactive skills as well.

Toys such as Lincoln Logs, Lego’s, Magnetic Blocks and WEDGitsetc..can help in the improvisation of cognitive, motor, social and emotional skills. These toys help the children to develop their spatial, reasoning and mathematical skills. Building toys can also make them more imaginative and creative. Though instructions are there for building toys, let them be creative beyond those limitations and rules.Puppet toys are also used for improving the overall development of children. The usage of all these toys is sure to make your preschoolers better individuals, emotionally, physically, mentally and socially. Our Little Feets nursery, one of the top nursery schools in Dubai, which is soon going to be the best preschool in Dubai, is always a step ahead in child development. This made us to make the best use of these toys. Come, get admission for your little kids in this preschool in Dubai and witness them emerging as better individuals.

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