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Nursery in/near Al Barsha

Preparing your child for Nursery/Preschool

Your child's first day at nursery/Day Care or playgroup can be a daunting prospect for both you and him. But our advice will help to ensure that his experience of nursery or playgroup (Nursery in Al Barsha) is a happy one from the start.

Boost his social confidence

Socializing with other children is a skill that has to be learnt gradually, and some children will find it easier than others. If you can introduce him to the idea of sharing and taking turns before he starts at preschool/Nursery he'll find the whole experience less daunting. Don't expect great things at first - children usually play alongside each other rather than together until they're around three years old. And while you don't need to stand over young children while they play, you need to be close by to step in if they start to squabble over toys. If you don't have a network of other mums with children the same age as yours, joining a mother and toddler group is a great way to introduce your child to socialising while you keep a watchful eye.

Time away from parents (Nursery near Al Barsha)

It will be easier for your child to settle at preschool/Nursery if you've gradually got him used to being left with other carers, such as grandparents, relatives and friends. Start off by leaving him for short periods - an hour while you go shopping, for example - and then gradually build it up until your child is happy to be left for a whole morning or an afternoon without you.

Visit the preschool/Nursery (Nursery near Al Barsha)

"When you're choosing a preschool/Nursery, it's usually best to visit the Nursery (nursery near Al Barsha) with your child, to see how he responds to the environment and watch how the carers interact with him."
Some Nursery/ preschools will allow you to leave your child for short visits without you to see how they get on. When you get home, talk positively about the school/Nursery, the activities that go on, the other children and the staff.

On the first day – Nursery in Al Barsha

  •  Allow plenty of time. The chances are, your child won't be prepared for you to just drop him off and leave on the first day, so be prepared to hang around until he's settled.
  •  You'll probably be feeling just as anxious and emotional as they are, but try to stay cheery and confident - children pick up on your feelings of apprehension.
  •  Explain to your child when you'll be back from Nursery- don't fob him off with fibs such as "Mummy's just going to move the car" when you make your exit. Tell him you'll be back after lunch.
  •  If your child cries and won't let you leave, ask staff for advice. In most cases they'll ask you to stay for a while with your child in the early/Nursery days.
  •  When you've said your goodbyes, try not to worry. If there is a problem, you'll be contacted, but in most cases your child will be enjoying their exciting new experience.

And finally; patience, patience, patience!

Remember to always be consistent! And lastly never give in!